Change to live Virtual Classroom Training in one easy step


Imagine you are a participant in a training course.

The course happens to be a particularly good one.

The trainer is lively and entertaining and certainly knows his subject. There is a sparing use of slides to explain content.

There is plenty of interaction between participants and the trainer and between the participants themselves in syndicate group exercises.

Role-plays and case studies are used to bring the learning alive. Personal assessments are used to add valuable insights into personal development needs.

Video clips are used to bring fresh and entertaining insights into the topic.

You realise that this is a course that many in your organisation would benefit from. But you then begin to calculate the cost:

  • 10 participants per two day course
  • The travel costs involved in bringing participants together
  • The accommodation costs involved
  • The loss in productivity due to the time away from work for participants. The cost of the cover needed

You consider all these factors in the light of your organisation’s annual training budget. You sit back in your chair, forlorn as you consider this likely lost opportunity.

And yet you could have all that you want and more by using Virtual Classrooms.

Today’s technology enables organisations to deliver all the benefits of good Instructor Led Classroom Training using Virtual Classrooms which can now reproduce a live training environment with a live virtual training environment.

Participants can be located anywhere in the world and simply need a PC or laptop and good internet connection to participate in highly engaging, media rich training sessions.

A two day course can be broken down into six 2.5 hour sessions. Each session can be run successfully with 10 to 20 participants. Participants undertake training in an adult learning environment designed to satisfy the full spectrum of personal learning styles. They have a personal workbook which they use before and during the session to create a personalised on the job guide.

The sessions are recorded and made available to anyone who could not attend the scheduled session.

What’s more the sessions can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of conventional instructor led courses.

Gone are the days when Virtual Classrooms (sometimes referred to as webinars) are quite literally ‘death by PowerPoint’!

Experience this exciting new world of online training for yourself.


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