Personal Coaching


Personal Coaching

Jeremy uses all of his 35 years experience as a Human Resource Development Consultant and Trainer to offer personal, one-to-one coaching in the areas of:

Types of Coaching

  • Career and Personal Development
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Business Management for Entrepreneurs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Presentation Skills

Coaching Methodology

The Coaching methodology used can be:

  • Face to face coaching in person
  • Skype or FaceTime enabled coaching
  • Telephone Coaching
  • E-Coaching (Via email)

For each coaching assignment Jeremy uses the following methodology:

  • First meeting with coachee to agree coaching objectives
  • Coaching proposal setting out the coaching programme, contents and costs.
  • Delivery of coaching sessions including:
  • Coaching session preparation by coachee
  • Delivery of coaching
  • Agreed coachee follow up actions before next coaching session
  • Support from Jeremy in completing actions
  • Delivery of next coaching session
  • Evaluation of coaching against agreed objectives.

All coaching is carried out at a venue of the coachee’s choice and the timing of sessions is geared to the coachee’s availability.


Global Publishing Manager
‘As a manager of several teams in a global publishing business I felt I needed fresh insights into the role expected of me and the best way to undertake my role in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. Jeremy worked with me as an Executive Coach and he helped me to unbundle the complex issues I faced to enable me to be both a lot more competent and confident in my role. His huge experience of working with global corporates played an enormous part in him being an extremely effective Executive Coach.’

Geology Graduate
‘Jeremy provided me with Career Advice and Job Interview Skills at a time when I really had no idea what job or employer to pursue. As a result of his coaching I immediately found a job and an employer which were a perfect fit for me. His profound experience and knowledge of the employment market-place were absolutely invaluable to me. I would not hesitate him to others seeking similar advice.’

Project Manager
‘Jeremy provided coaching for me in the areas of career development and job interview skills. I found that the processes he used and the insights he gave to me to be absolutely invaluable in getting a new job at the very first attempt. His wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none.’

Senior Executive, Financial Services
‘Having spent over 30 years in Financial Services and retired early I missed the buzz of business but wanted a change. What to do was far from clear for me.Jeremy’s personal coaching cleared the fog and highlighted my skill set.Now Executive Chairman of a specialist tour operator I am having a ball.This would not have happened without Jeremy’s profound insights and encouragement.’

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