E-Learning – Is It Time For A Step Change?

There now exists literally thousands of e-learning programmes which can be completed on-line.

But what is the take-up of these programmes by employees? If a large global corporate client of mine is anything to go by, as few as 4% of their employee population complete e-learning programmes on offer. The majority of these being completed being driven by compliance or regulatory issues.

Why the reason for this low take up. Here are some reasons given by employees:

  • Boring content
  • Poor structure
  • Too rigid
  • Patronising
  • Lack of interaction with others
  • Lack of access to trainer
  • Frustration when it comes to arriving at right answers for tests
  • De-motivating

Delivering highly engaging content for a live trainer is a challenge in itself. To reproduce this online is no less of a challenge but it can certainly be done, and done very effectively. The time has come to make a step change.

Today’s students like to learn in a synchronous environment which is highly interactive and media rich. They want online sessions which:

  • Involve interaction between them and the trainer and between them and other trainees
  • Use slides sparingly
  • Include video clips to demonstrate points
  • Enable them to complete online self-assessment questionnaires and get the results instantaneously
  • Provide practical personal development ideas
  • Use role-plays
  • Use breakout rooms for small syndicate discussions
  • Use polls to poll the thinking of individual students and the group as a whole
  • Enable sharing of information by students using screen sharing
  • Are supported by personal workbooks
  • Can be recorded for future use with students
  • Link to online and other personal development resources

This form of e-learning is referred to today as ‘Virtual Classrooms’ i.e. the delivery of an online instructor led classroom using all the features and benefits of instructor led live training.

Gone are the days when e-learning is a pedestrian, plod though uninspiring material on your own.

With the use of today’s technologies you can access truly engaging online training which is very motivating and extremely enjoyable.




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