Is BYOT Ready for Cloud-Based Learning?

What is BYOT? With acronyms growing at jet-paced speeds it’s a good place to start!

BYOT stands for ‘bring (or use) your own technology’ when it comes to attending any type of cloud-based learning or even attending meetings for that matter. Having said that, I’m confident many of you have tried to access online sessions and/or meetings using:

  • Your Smart Phone to join a synchronous eLearning and failed?
  • A tablet – iPad, Android, and others – only to discover you are not able to view the entire screen or not participate?
  • An older laptop or workstation only to discover the link doesn’t work?

Of course you have! And, why don’t they work especially when there are a plethora of articles stating BYOT- Bring Your Own Technology – is ready for prime time eLearning? BYOT is definitely ready for eLearning as long as participants only have to hear and maybe view content.

However, BYOT is not ready for the renewed eLearning model which is synchronous, highly interactive, engages participants and mirrors being in an instructor-led classroom! At least not without a lot of testing and preparation prior to each training session. Contact us for an online synchronous demo of the ‘new eLearning model’.

A huge responsibility as the eLearning Solutions Executive for Constantior is for me to be relevant and responsive when it comes to the promoting the concept BYOT in tandem with attending synchronous eLearning. If you are going to promote BYOT then prepare for it.

Tips for Offering Participants to BYOT:

  • Inform participants which browsers are better to use for eLearning.
  • Send participants test links prior to the session.
  • Provide them with support when the test fails.
  • Suggest they have a backup plan for accessing the session.
  • Have a headset handy for best audio quality.
  • Always consider ‘Murphy’s Law’ by logging on to the session with at least 20 minutes prior to the start.