Jeremy Francis launches new Membership Site

May 2017

Jeremy Francis launches new Membership Site

Jeremy Francis, Human Resource Development Consultant, has launched a new site aimed at those wanting to develop their people management skills. These could be potential managers, existing managers, HR managers, or training specialists.

The site contains video courses run by Jeremy on a wide variety of people management topics. It also contains video, audio and written blogs, as well as articles on people management and personal development best practices. Members can also attend regular webinars and virtual classrooms run by Jeremy on a regular basis. The site is continually updated with new materials.

Jeremy commented: ‘The idea behind the site is to share all the knowledge, skills and insights I gained over 35 years in producing highly successful employee and personal development programs for organisations around the world including global corporations’. Best in Class organisations take the issue of people development extremely seriously and they are regarded as ‘Best In Class’ largely because of this. I wanted to capture all the really effective people management and personal development practices I created for world class organisations in one place, and make them available to a global audience. To join the Membership Site requires a monthly subscription however a free trial is available to all prospective members.’

For more information contact Jeremy: