Leaders and Managers turned on to Online Personal Development Courses

Why are Leaders and Managers becoming increasingly turned on to Online Personal Development Courses? Why are organisations offering Online Personal Development for Managers and Leaders? And why are Leaders at all levels taking time to complete Online Personal Development Courses for Leadership?

I ask these questions because have in the past been predominantly delivered through the use of Instructor Led Training (ILT). The answer is simple. This training environment is seen as the most powerful and effective for action-based, experiential training which of course Leadership and Management Training Should Management and Leadership Courses be.

But times have changed. People cannot so easily be released from their jobs to attend ILT Courses. These courses represent the most costly training solutions. Within a short time, frame so much of what is learnt on an ILT Course is either unused or forgotten or both! Not a good return on investment!

Little wonder therefore that organisations and their managers are now turning to Online Personal Development Courses. Here are the seven main reasons:

  1. The content is delivered by video courses including trainer input and powerful visuals.
  2. The course content is broken down into five to eight minute sessions to hold the learner’s attention and concentration.
  3. The content can be accessed anywhere and at any time using a mobile device with an internet connection.
  4. Practical work is included in each course module to apply the learning and can be tested to assess levels of understanding.
  5. Additional resources including Blogs, Audios, Videos, Articles, Questionnaires, Surveys, Virtual Classrooms and E- Books supplement the video courses.
  6. The above content is downloadable to be used as ongoing personal development tools.
  7. The learner can interact with the trainer and other learners to share best practices and solve problems.
  8. The cost can be as little as $25.00 per month paid by the individual or their organisation.

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