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May 8, 2014
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May 11, 2017

Summary of Expertise

With over 35 years of experience, Jeremy Francis is now considered to be a thought leader in the areas of Human Resource Development and Organisational Development all around the world.

He combines these two areas of expertise to ensure that the success of an organisation, and its future development, are the key drivers of its managers’ and employees’ capabilities.

By partnering with organisations he creates bespoke learning and development solutions aligned to their vision, objectives and strategy. He creates these solutions using a blend of customised learning and development resources. These include instructor led training, coaching, e-learning, virtual classrooms, other virtual learning environments and on line personal growth and development resources.

Examples of the range of the media through which Jeremy works are YouTube (+1,000,000 views) and e-books (140 titles on Amazon) and keynote speaker at international conferences.

He specialises in the areas of leadership and management skills, change management skills, performance management, talent development, sales and account management skills, communication skills and personal effectiveness.


Application of Expertise

Jeremy delivers his expertise to both organisations and individuals using the following:

Non-Executive Director

Jeremy sits on the boards of a variety of organisations of all sizes to consult with them on their organisation development plans using his experience of working with PLCs, mid-sized corporates and SMEs.

He adds considerable value by showing the impact of these plans on:

– The organisation’s human resources.

– Its internal  structures.

– Its people management and development systems.

– Its employees’ training priorities.

– Its managers’ capabilities.

– Its leadership style.

– Its corporate values and culture.

His uniqueness lies in his ability to help the organisation to deliver profitable growth and to recruit , develop and retain the talent it needs to achieve that growth.


Executive Coach

Jeremy is a highly experienced coach working with all levels of managers up to and including director level.

His approach to coaching is based on his belief that the best coaching focuses on the needs of the organisation to have high performing individuals at all levels, and the individual’s needs to experience high levels of job satisfaction and self-motivation.

He believes that a combination of the two results in a powerful psychological contract between the parties which results in a truly engaged, empowered and loyal workforce.


Online Management Development Training

Seeing the need for ongoing personal development for managers Jeremy created to provide valuable people management skills and insights for managers wanting to advance their careers in management and leadership.

This a membership site aimed at existing managers of all levels,  and those aspiring to become managers, which enables them to access powerful training media which include:

– Video courses on people management topics

– Video and Audio Blogs , and Articles

– Process Guides and Checklists

– Attendance on Webinars and Virtual Classrooms

– Online Self Assessment Tools

– Access to a Community of Members for sharing and problem solving.

Jeremy adds to the content every month.


Social Media

Finally, Jeremy is an active contributor on all the other major social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Scribd.

To find out more about Jeremy’s experience and expertise, view his LinkedIn profile.


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