Non-Executive Director

Executive Director Roles

Jeremy provides Non-Executive Director roles with mid-sized corporates and SMEs.

Organisation Types

Jeremy works with organisations which have the following needs:

– They are organisations who after rapid growth want to consolidate and underpin the business for the next growth phase.

– They are mature organisations whose growth has slowed and they are looking to reinvent themselves for future growth.

– They are businesses which are wanting to change their strategy for growth and are looking for insights into how to implement this new strategy.

– They are organisations suffering from a decline in sales and market share and wanting to reverse this trend.

– They are organisations which require a complete overhaul to reinvent themselves for future success.

They might also be start-up organisations.

These businesses can either be privately or publically owned organisations.

Market Sectors

Jeremy works across all market sectors as a human resource development and organisation development consultant.

He combines these two roles to ensure that an organisation’s managers’ and employees’ capabilities are the key drivers of its current and future commercial success.

Unique Experience

With over 35 years of experience in these areas he is now considered to be a thought leader by his clients, many of them blue chip PLCs.

Jeremy sits on the boards of a variety of organisations of all sizes to consult with them on their organisation development plans using his experience of working with PLCs, mid-sized corporates and SMEs located all around the world. He is therefore very experienced in working with organisations with diverse cultures.

His uniqueness lies in his ability to help the organisation to deliver profitable growth by ensuring that its human resource capabilities are constantly improved and developed inline with the organisation’s vision, objectives and strategy.


To find out more about Jeremy’s experience and expertise, view his LinkedIn profile.