Selling the Benefits of your Solutions to Hugely Increase Sales Using SPACER

Sell the benefits of your ideas and solutions using the SPACER formula. Here is what to do.

To understand the meaning of SPACER use each letter of the word as follows:

S= Safe bet. Your solution is proven, it is reliable and risk free. It won’t go wrong. It lasts. It has a guarantee.
P= Performance. Your solution will do what you have said it will do. It will deliver the features sought. It will provide improved efficiency. It will perform according to requirements.
A= Appearance. Your solution will reflect well on the person and/or organisation. It will enhance their reputation and standing. It will add value to their brand. In short it will make them look good.
C= Convenience. It is a hassle free solution. It is easy to implement. It will make life easier. It does away with the pain and problems of the existing situation.
E=Economic. It provides a great return on investment. It delivers real financial benefits. It is value for money. It saves costs and/or increases sales. It improves margins.
R= Relationship. It provides ongoing help and support from you (the supplier). After sales service is provided. Any problems will be solved quickly and easily. Advice is always on hand.

As people talk about their needs they either state explicitly, or hint, at what is important to them. Listen carefully. Which element of SPACER are they alluding to?

When you have noted all their needs, summarise them, and then confirm the person’s agreement with them. When selling the features of your solution add the benefit it provides using SPACER. Check with the person that these benefits are important to them.

Finally agree next steps towards delivering your solution.

Good luck with using this approach! It has never failed to work for me.

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