Ten Tips to Make the Best Job Move for your Personal Development

Here are 10 tips to help you to find the best job for your personal development.

1.Your future success lies in building on what you #naturally do best. List down your unique talents and strengths.

2. Which of these would give you the most pleasure to grow and develop? List them down.

3.What tasks and activities give you the biggest buzz and greatest personal #motivation? List them down.

4.Now create a matrix. Insert the tasks and activities vertically down on the left side, each in a box of its own. Now insert the #talents and #strengths horizontally across the top, each in its own box. Next complete the matrix by putting an ‘X’ in those boxes in the matrix where a particular talent or strength development need of yours could be satisfied by an area of activity.

5.Now look at the picture. Which activities have the largest number of ‘Xs’ alongside them. These represent the high priority activities to pursue.

6.Identify possible jobs that would provide for your prioritised personal development needs. List them down. These should be jobs within your reach as a next job move, not those that represent your highest aspirations.

7.Prioritise the jobs in the order that they would best meet your ‘personal development needs. Create a prioritised list of jobs.

8.Work through your prioritised list. Customise your CV to sell your fit to each job.

9.Draw up a list of people you know who could help you to find those people or #organisations who might have just the job you are looking for.

10.Network with these people showing them your CV and asking for their help and advice until you find the right job.


The process works brilliantly. I wish you every success in using it.


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